Brian Casel (@casjam) hosts conversations with founder friends.  We talk about startups, products, software, entrepreneurship, but also what's happening in our lives away from our screens and revenue graphs.

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Teaching CSS to 800k YouTube Subscribers with Kevin Powell

I spoke to Kevin Powell, YouTuber and front-end CSS teacher about how he operates his YouTube content business and how he grew to over 800,000 subscribers.  Brian and ...

YouTube as a Business with Aaron Francis

Aaron Francis, creator of and prolific YouTuber returns to the show to talk all things video, screencasting and growing a business on YouTube.Brian a...

From Selling a WordPress Business to SaaS with Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman, founder of LearnDash, talks to me about how he started, grew, and exited from this WordPress business in the LMS space.  Brian and Justin’s conversati...

The Science Behind a Creator Business with Jay Clouse

 Jay Clouse, who runs Creator Science, joins me to talk all things creator businesses.  Brian and Jay’s conversation was recorded on November 8th, 2023 

Scaling a Fitness Coaching Business with Adam Gilbert

Adam Gilbert, founder of My Body Tutor, joins me to talk about how he scaled a personal fitness coaching business.  Brian and Adam’s conversation was recorded on Novem...

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