Products vs. Creator Businesses with Aaron Francis

Aaron Francis, creator of and prolific YouTuber joins me to talk about his “Era of Maximum Effort”. We get into building products businesses vs. creator businesses, and more.

Brian and Aaron's conversation was recorded on November 16th, 2023.

Brian's update was recorded on January 21st, 2024.

  • (00:00) - Product vs. Creator Businesses with Aaron Francis
  • (03:20) - Conversations across podcasts
  • (05:53) - Aaron's "era of maximum effort"
  • (11:46) - Focus vs. many "small bets"
  • (18:06) - What are your goals as a creator?
  • (28:16) - The initial business idea really matters
  • (32:18) - How to find a break and relax?

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Brian Casel
Brian Casel
Teaching product skills at | founder @Clarityflow | co-host of
Aaron Francis
Aaron Francis
Sincere poster. No cynicism. Making lots of videos.Dad to two sets of twins!Educator @PlanetScale.Cohost @MostlyTechPod.Teacher
Products vs. Creator Businesses with Aaron Francis
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