Scaling a Fitness Coaching Business with Adam Gilbert

Adam Gilbert, founder of My Body Tutor, joins me to talk about how he scaled a personal fitness coaching business. 

Brian and Adam’s conversation was recorded on November 3rd, 2023.

Brian's update was recorded on January 21st, 2024.

  • (00:00) - Scaling a Fitness Coaching Business with Adam Gilbert
  • (04:05) - What is My Body Tutor?
  • (05:09) - The evolution of Adam's business
  • (07:50) - Adam's background in health and fitness
  • (10:50) - Taking the leap and getting those first customers
  • (15:07) - Good businesses solve a problem
  • (16:33) - My Body Tutor today
  • (18:15) - Maintaining core principles in a coaching business
  • (20:03) - My Body Tutor milestones
  • (21:59) - From solo coach to coaching business
  • (24:44) - Practicing routines to turn them into habits
  • (26:13) - Business growing pains
  • (28:08) - Adam's routines
  • (30:09) - My Body Tutor's new plan
  • (31:41) - Catering to a wide range of customers

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Adam Gilbert
Adam Gilbert
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Scaling a Fitness Coaching Business with Adam Gilbert
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